Friday, April 25, 2008


Home sweet home. The humidity just struck me though and my face is greasy all day now.

I haven't updated this blog since abt 2 weeks ago, I was busy producing screened t-shirts , also I went to Universal Studios and Getty Museum. Things were eventful after the trip. For Getty Museum, it was on the 13th Apr Sat, there was a traffic jam at night on the freeway from LA. We saw 2 crazy cars hurriedly stopped on the right side lanes (illegallly) and out jumped photographers who dashed in front of our car. We looked to the left and saw a white car in an apparent minor accident. Ah yes a celeb = hounds of papparazzi. We made noises as we passed in the attempt that maybe this celeb gossip show TMZ might catch our noises on video mwahaha. Oh yea we didn't know who was involved at that time but decided to catch TMZ on monday cuz it was sure to be reported and yep, it was Britney Spears mwahaha.

For Universal Studios day, we got a speeding ticket. It was strange beacause we were following traffic flow that means all the other cars were speeding too but we got picked. We were above the limit but I thought you WERE supposed to go above the limit as long as you are following the rest. Because by driving within the speed limit (65) while everyone went at 80, you would hold up traffic and still get a ticket anyway. Traffic rules in the US are hard to understand. Oh yes that afternoon, another cop gestured us to speed up altho we were past the limit (who knows, might've gotten a ticket for driving 'slow')!! And it wasn't even our fault, there was a stupid car in front who was driving at his own sweet pace! All I can say is beware of the unpredictable highway patrol cops, they are not consistent!

Anyhow I lugged back 34.5kg (76lb) worth of checked-in luggage, mostly gifts for other people and merchandise for my jewellery store. I shall post my flower photos from the Getty museum and the Universal Studios in the next few days if that don't bore you. They're still stuck in an external harddrive so I've made do with a photo of 2 new prints that's hanging on my wall right now! They are soooo pretty and worth the hassle for bringing them back! A three-some set would be perfect but they only had 2 at the store. I wonder whose painting it belongs to?