Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've visited 4 antique malls in the past week and stole some shots in the shops. Many nice things I might go back for more items just for fun. 

Redlands Galleria.

There were many nice 60s dresses but all too large for me. Prints really get me!

This is a quality Japan teacup set, with other sized saucers included. I might get it. The shape & workmanship is perfect.

Mission Galleria. They make pretty good BLT sandwiches & Caesar's salad in their cafe.

I really like the deco style artwork on these plates.

Aha! I have a set of this (design slightly different) and would have bought this as well if it wasn't chipped and smudged.

I've seen a similar lizard live in Singapore near my old workplace (near a nature reserve). This taxidermy is quite large.

Might get this painting but can't figure how to carry it in my luggage.

This exterior belongs to Treasures 'n' Junk in Ontario.


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well folks I'm here in California, here are some firework shots I took at Big Bear Lake on the 4th of July. The schedule was at 8.45pm but it started much later which was fortunate for us because the website had not specified exactly which side of the lake they were shooting off the fireworks and we were 2 miles off (we weren't the only ones who got it wrong either lol).

Enjoy and happy belated Independance Day to all Americans!