Thursday, July 21, 2016


Finally a new digi stamp titled 'Baking Cookies'! Available at:

I have also made a quick video showing the inking process just for fun!

Please subscribe to my channel if you wish to see similar videos!

These past few weeks have been busy and worrying, as my mother had been diagnosed with cancer and next week will be the results and more followup appointments and consultations, so I am occupied.

Not only that, the 'Seller beware!' warning has finally rang true for my other shop. I've always known this but seldom shipped overseas; but wow that was quick, considering my new shop is only a few months old and I don't even have 40 sales yet lol. The combination of overseas packages (note, tracking & signature confirmation included, but for some reason doesn't count for honest sellers) via USPS + Paypal pretty much mean scammers get keep your product on top of a sweet, sweet refund, postage included! On top of that I get to receive negative feedback for absolutely no reason. And a case opened against me in Etsy. And ruining my mood and wasting my time to respond with 'proof'. What a joke. Yes, I called Paypal twice. No help. No guaranteed seller protection or winning an appeal even if you can show proof of delivery. The rep just said yeah we know, next time use a different shipping carrier with online tracking all the way to their doorstep... like a courier. Um... sure, you mean ask the customer to pay $80-$100 shipping for a 10-buck earring? Wrap your head around that. I'll be clicking that 'Enable Direct Checkout' button sooo quick once it's available in my country, despite Direct Checkout glitching right now. You know I blame USPS for this mess-up more than Paypal. What good is paying more for registration if you don't bother to scan registered mail??

-Rant over

Thanks for bearing with me! I'll be posting some local visits including the now-closed Underwater World I went with my mom before she had the diagnosis. Also thanks to my great DT to help run my challenge blog!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Just made a new video while inking my sketch, this one will be titled 'Idyllic Garden'! It is the next digi stamp coming up. You can click directly to Youtube to view it in high resolution and subscribe to my channel if you wish!

New digi 'Idyllic Stroll' listed in my shop! You can get it here:

Idyllic Garden is now available!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I am finally back with a set of new designs! Have been super busy the past 2 months, check out these flappers digi stamps, totally love art deco everything especially BAKELITE!

Flapper Twirl, inspired by Louise Brooks:

Jazz Flapper, inspired by Clara Bow: 

Sassy Flapper

The complete Set of 3:

Well here is what I've been up to! First I had to entertain my boyfriend who came over to visit, besides going out all the damn time! and enticing me to play Broforce (great game) & Battlefield Star Wars & Tropico (this one is addicting) & NES haha!

I have set up another Etsy shop selling my vintage jewellery, so that is taking a bulk of my time as I have tens of thousands of images to go through, retaking and improving them, SEO tackling, on top of maintaining an official shop and a (crazy frustrating + sometimes cool) local marketplace site. Of course online sales includes updating the social media following it.

Artwork-wise I've added Youtube to my overflowing plate. They are just coloring and drawing videos but a 15-min video takes a few days for me to complete: preparations beforehand, one day to shoot, one day to edit, one day to export & post. But it's kinda fun I think!

I am aiming to create new designs more quickly, the time-consuming workload is cleaning up the illustrations digitally. I MAY release less-cleaned-up digis soon, just to shave off 2-4 days worth of extra work per image. Which makes more sense since the amount of time spent on them is just not worth it. This way I will be open to create more detailed images on paper! Besides, I've got carpal tunnel and can't hold the wacom pen for long for some years now as they cramp up.

Regarding challenge blogs, I've stopped auto-promoting blogs that I am sponsoring - my apologies, I am using that time to distribute images to DTs and prizes to winners! Please feel free to post your events & makes on my FB Group and Page, so that way crafty folks will know to join your challenge!

That's it, thanks for reading folks!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I've been a bit hung up on other work to blog lately but here is a belated update on my latest digi releases! I sketched three of them at the WoW event in March while the speakers were at it.

Monstera Girl
Monstera Deliciosa is the name of the leaves this cute girl is carrying! I'm familiar with many tropical plant names because I used to work in a retail plant nursery. Also the name is easy to remember!

Reading Book Elf:
I just drew this one from my imagination... the leaf and shell looks about right.

Kimono Girl:
Yes she is supposed to be sakura-viewing, the original sketch had cherry blossom trees but I wanted the digi to be more versatile and the trees took too long to clean up =P

Smell the Flowers Pixie:
A simple one to compliment my other fairies in the Nature Tots series.

Hope you like them!

Here are a few snapshots of the WoW event while I'm at it:
My table.

Randi Zuckerberg.

Evening skyline viewed around the Marina Bay area. The moon is in the shot.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Got the matching Princess Serenity to the Q Posket Sailor Moon (read about it here)! Very pretty, something about the proportions that are quite appealing to me! Some people might be uncomfortable at her alien eyes but I dig this chibi style. She was released in Oct 2015.

There are bootlegs around but this is the original one, I got her from La Tendo for S$26. Why would anyone get the inferior bootleg that costs around the same price anyhow? To identify the bootleg, just look at the box. The original does not have a window so you can't see what's in it, and it comes with the bandai holographic sticker (in my country at least). I recall the bootleg has matte, not so smooth irises on her eyeballs whereas the original has smooth, glossy irises. I took a quick glance at one of the local shops selling the bootleg and almost got fooled.

She comes in three pieces. This time there is no prop stand for her head.

The amazing thing is she has feet! I mean they could have just have a flat bottom. Love the details that goes into this. Her head screws on tighter than the Sailor Moon one which is better. She is also easier to fit into the stand.

The drapes in her dress are very nice. The white pearlscent paintwork has a golden shimmer against the light.

Her hair also has a pearlscent yellow effect. There is a mold line on top right of her head, facing front.

 She weighs heavier than she looks.

Her skintone is actually a bit pinker and intense in person. Her makeup is an orange tint. Her moon crescent on her forehead is golden.

I absolutely love her, usually I skip Usagi as Princess Serenity but this one is too cute to resist! I am eyeing the petit version 1 and 2 that comes with the inner Sailor Scouts + 2 versions of Sailor Moon, but all the stores package them in sets of three, and I don't really need another version of Sailor Moon in the same pose. They are also too small to oogle at lol. We shall see!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Added another Sailor Scout to my collection, Girls Memories figure of Sailor Saturn, released by Banpresto. She is my fave character after Moon and Pluto (my blogpost here). I wish for a Luna Human version please!!
Tomoe Hotaru is the youngest Sailor Scout so naturally she is the shortest of all the characters, besides Chibiusa. Her height is about 14.5cm excluding her weapon. She also weighs much lighter than the other Sailor Scouts because of her smaller size and short hair. The figure is made of PVC and ABS.

Comes in three simple pieces. She is nicely sculpted and nothing too out of the ordinary, she is elegantly posed.

Her expression is gentle and following the anime version. I love the manga version where she has a bit of a melancholic (sometimes sinister) vibe going on.

There is a mold line on the hair and looks like it is blowing in the wind which is a nice touch. Her brooch is just greyish silver I would prefer it a bit more sparkly.

Yes I will be completing the set slowly, whenever I can get them at a good price. I also bought a Princess Serenity by Q Posket so that will come in the next post!