Friday, November 6, 2015


Here are some winter and Christmas digi stamps just released in my shop! Managed to churn out some art but still delayed on other work these few months because of a nasty infection on my left index finger that won't go away and an allergy breakout. Thankfully I am right-handed!

Also if you haven't heard about the new Lemon Shortbread Challenge Blog, our first challenge has started and ends this coming Monday (and subsequent Monday night fortnightly)! Maybe these stamps can give you some inspiration.

First off, "Miss Santa" doing gift shopping!
Available at:

This is "Elf Boy", first male character in my digi stamps. Originally he was supposed to be a christmas elf but decided to make him more generic so he can be used for any occasions.
Available at:

These are separate "Christmas Stocking"  PNGs elements to accent your crafts. The hollies can be layered to create borders, embellishments, or a wreath even.
Available at:

"Sailor Girl Cameo". She too was supposed to be Christmas-related with hollies surrounding the border, but it was too messy and ended up preferring this digi to be more versatile. Christmas elements can be easily added to the border.
Available at:

"Beanie Girl". I gave her a cute dress, since it is mini dress she can also be used in autumn or spring-themed cards.
Available at:

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sad to report that Lupin, that feral cat I blogged in April has passed away around end Aug. She died probably while secretly giving birth to her 2nd litter of kittens in the attic. Unfortunately that batch of kittens all died as a result. RIP kitties.

Before bf came to Singapore in May, I mentioned Lupin's first litter of kitties! Well, she had 2 boys and 1 girl. The 2 boys were adopted to other families.

Some last shots of Lupin. Skittish, she didn't like anyone touching her.

This is the cobwebs-covered female kitty bf kept, which we initially identified as 'Antbite' lol. She is now called Miu, Miumiu or Miyu because she responds to it. Here she is with Lupin her mother, and she learnt to eat kibble very early on, at under 4 weeks old.

The black male kitten! So cute =)

 And their striped brother!

This was why she was called 'Antbite'!! Red ants were biting the poor little creature in this shot because her favourite spot was in the bushes where there was a nest of them. Here bf is trying to get the ants off her and she started hissing whenever he came near after that episode - associated trauma lol.

2nd time a few days later, trying to take a photo of her, she was still grumpy!

Her soulful looking brother.

Kiwi cat sniffing at the striped kittens. The two black kittens were hissing at her for some reason, but not this striped one. This 'throne' is now Miu's fave sleeping spot.

When bf came back to California in end-Aug, Antbite / Miu has grown much. At first she kept hissing (now her trademark gesture) non-stop at Kiwi after being transferred indoors, and had to be kept in the bathroom to accustom both of them to each other. After a few days of settling territorial issues and swiping at faces, I think they have made peace, and Kiwi's being quite tolerant, sharing space and toys. Miu has grown friendly and very playful. Always hungry too. Yes, she was spayed a few weeks back and got her shots too.

Kiwi has taught Miu some cat etiquette, Miu imitates Kiwi by using the same litterbox and scratch post even though there are 2 separate ones for them. One litterbox is exclusively for pee, and the other for poop. One scratching post (the flat cardboard types) is ignored while the other is used all the time. So strange, maybe they're saving it till the older one breaks lol. Kiwi has learnt to pick up a toy in her mouth (which Miu always does), and then call out loudly at night. Maybe it's the new kitty resident or the new toy but it's something she hasn't done before, except once when she caught a live rat.

Kiwi found a new spot to sleep after Miu kept trying to sleep together with her. Two places Miu are not allowed are: the shelf layer under a table where Kiwi plays and chill out, and the top of the luggage which is still not packed away! Kiwi is not a lap cat, but will occasionally share a bed in the mornings.

Kiwi hates halloween giant spiders. Wave bye bye!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The Lemon Shortbread Challenge Blog is now live! Thank you to all who were waiting for it and hope to see you participating in our fortnightly challenge to win some cute Lemon Shortbread digi stamps! Also you will get to see the talented design team's creations if you run out of ideas. If you are on Facebook, please join our Facebook group to receive updates, freebies or share your craftworks with others!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Here are the latest digis that I've just released, have been quite swamped lately and couldn't come up with more illustrations for upcoming winter but will try! And this year I didn't do any autumn pics fast enough, only Halloween lol.

This is 'Cloud Traveller', based on Chinese mythology, you can call her a fairy of sorts, with a bit of my touch. Been meaning to colour her but no time yet!

My digis are now available in JPG and PNG if you purchase them from my Etsy shop.
Cloud Traveller is available here:

Next is something more general, in case you'd like a versatile image for happy occasions!

'Party Celebration' is available here:

Last, meet 'Winter Sulk'! We all have those days. There isn't any winter in Singapore but I hope this illustration captures the mood well.

She is available here:

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Two new fairies for the Nature Tots series, this one is called "Bouquet for you Fairy"!

This pretty fairy is holding a bunch of flowers and is running in the same style as the one called 'Flower Scent'. She has a petals-inspired dress, with ribbons around the waist!

You can find her here:

This next digi stamp is titled "Butterfly Point". She is more of a short haired pixie with a butterfly wings-inspired dress to complement the little butterfly towards the right.

You can find her here:

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Yes finally! All Lemon Shortbread digi stamps in my Etsy shop will now come in both JPG and PNG formats! The PNGs are not fully transparent, but with transparent backgrounds and white on the lineart, so you can layer on other custom elements in the computer without the lines overlapping. I spent a few days non-stop converting the images into PNGs and boy were there many!!

If you have previously purchased digi stamps from my Etsy shop, you can request for the PNG version at no additional charge. Just send me a convo under your "Purchases & Reviews" and click "Contact the Shop". I will need your email address to send the images to.
Also I have a new freebie digistamp called 'Teddybear Banner' available at my Facebook Group. To retrieve the freebie, please join the group and access it under the 'Files' tab in the menu. Please read the terms & conditions before downloading. I will probably post free digis in the FB group from now on, so do join in the fun and keep updated on more goodies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Gloomy x To-Fu Mix figurine by Play Imaginative. Well I saw this in the store (T-O-G) and had to have it although it is an older stock from 2011. It embodies two characters that I like - Tofu Oyako and Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly Bear. Also matches the other pinks on my table! I paid S$7.00 for it. May get the strawberry one too but this will do for now as I have no more space on my desk! I found an old blog post about my small collection of Tofu Oyako items here and this looks similar to the ones at a 2009 Comic Con.

I had to rip the package open because it was the glued-on plastic shell on cardboard type.
It is about 5 inches height. The cubed head revolves. It doesn't weigh heavy but tends to keel over because of its oversized head. Also it is standing on one foot with the other lifted off slightly, so it loses its balance easily. I am propping it against a shelf since the wind from the ceiling fan keeps blowing it over! The body is made of matte plastic with printed details. The foot that is lifted seems to be ill-fitted - I wonder if that was the reason for it being wobbly, or if it was made on purpose.

The back of the figure. He has a bloody nose and an additional smaller tofu on top. The top one is fixed on the larger cube and does not revolve. The head appears to be hollow. The arms are fixed. Yes it has a butt crack!

I am putting Tofu's face towards the front as I like its expression and the little tofu waving on top! I prefer Gloomy without the muzzle so it will stay hidden for now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I've made 2 new digi stamps which will fit many occasions and especially suitable for Halloween cards! The one above is titled 'Candlelight'. I was going for a bit of the Edwardian look, plus some fantasy and goth elements, so how she will turn out depends on your colour choices! If you make her in white, she would look a bit like Galadriel from LOTR.

Candlelight is available here:

Next is 'Skull Dress'. This one is similar to another digital stamp called 'Star Wand'. I made her with a gothic lolita vibe and simpler elements. She is wearing a skull necklace with a bow that matches her skirt! Hopefully you will enjoy colouring her.

Skull Dress is available here: