Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here is an old mirror which I decorated with vintage necklaces and assorted craft materials... how kitsch is this! Definitely one-of-a-kind. If you are feeling crafty, you can decorate your boring old mirror too and give your dressing table a touch of whimsy!

I purchased this plastic mirror last minute for a jewellery booth many years back, and since I disliked how tacky it looked, it was immediately put away after that event so I didn't have to look at it lol.

Anyhow I re-found it and decided to 'deco-den' it just because. This is not my original idea by the way. When I was an intern (around 1999) at a local bags & accessories company, the boss requested me to decorate two table mirrors as frou frou-ish as I could, with cabochon and ric rac samples and scrap pink feathers because we had just revamped the stores with a fixed colour scheme. Haha, good times. Best thing was customers asked if they were for sale... unfortunately no. The mirrors did manage to get customers to stop by the shop so that was good.

This is the mirror before embellishing. It is red and silver. I guess it was meant to be futuristic but it doesn't fit my vintage shop. Only bought it because I needed a mirror with a sturdy base and a mirror face that stays put when tilted. Dug about my junk jewellery lot and found 3 beaded necklaces that was flat enough for securing. Actually I don't have an idea what I wanted at this point.

These are from the 1970s. I dismantled the clasps, and removed the cross off the faux pearl beaded one. Also cleaned the mirror and necklaces with alcohol.

Glued the hippie looking necklace from the bottom and ran it around the circumference. I used a normal hot glue gun.

Joined the second one where the first one ended. Unfortunately the necklaces were not long enough so I had to find something to hide the uncovered parts.

These are artificial flowers, fabric leaves and floral tape. I had them leftover from making bouquets for my dolls.

Assembled a small bunch and wrapped them with floral tape. Since the flowers have wire stems, they can be curved to fit the shape of the circumference.

Glued the whole bouquet down. And another bunch at the bottom for some balance.

I added the green leaves on the tops to hide some of the uneven spots, then used the white beaded dismantled necklace on the inner circumference. It was not long enough because that is just one side length of the necklace. The other side was used on the bottom rim. Then added some plastic jewels that came free with a package I bought, these have scratches on the surface so I can't use them anywhere else.

I decided to dismantle the beaded cross pendant and replicate the weave to finish that missing spot, unfortunately after gluing it down, I realised the beads were larger than the rest! Oh well. I might add a ribbon or something but the odd-sized continuation is partly obscured by the flowers, so will leave it for now.
Got these from Daiso. One is a black spangled sequins (has a hologram effect) and the other is black frilly lace.

Glued the frilly lace on the circumference to hide the backs of the bouquet. The width of the tulle was trimmed down as it was far too wide. I glued the sequins all around the mirror's base till it was fully covered, and done! Hope you like it, I will be displaying this at an event this June so customers can enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror while trying on my jewellery!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


This is a snap shot of my work table, spent over an hour cleaning up the clutter so I could put up a photo for my Etsy 'About' page, it still looks like a ton of things but this is as good as it gets. This is half of what goes on it - usually I have vintage jewellery, bottles of crafting materials, markers, bags of packaging, and I also do photography at the corner near the window with an A3 sketchbook and a large flat mirror panel. Also, bills and bits of paper. I think I had an old blog post about my previous work desk. It's changed quite a bit!

Of course, the table only remained this neat for about 10 minutes and then I started laying out scrap papers and painting equipment - a friend had commissioned a set of paintings for her boutique in the style of that black lace painting titled 'Mourn' (still available in my Etsy shop by the way) and I could only start when the mess is out of the way.

The two dolls there are Licca and Jenny, and 3 Licca doll heads which I have yet to purchase bodies for.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This pretty lass digi stamp is titled "Ribbons in Her Hair", I made the original draft a few years ago and she was meant to be an acrylic painting. Imagine this... a nouveau-style octopus girl! Can't remember why I abandoned it, I think I didn't feel like painting during that time, moved on to a lighter new sketchbook and forgot all about it. Recently the old sketchbook was rediscovered all dusty and yellowed from my climate, flipped through it and decided she could be a digital stamp illustration instead. Of course her octopus tentacles were erased and she got a nice flowy skirt.

She is 7 inches height, 300 dpi jpg format, available in my Etsy shop as an instant download:

I am currently working on a set of paintings for a friend, and tweaking my vintage shop which SEO I had neglected; so that is taking up a bulk of my time to fix, also I have an upcoming fair to prepare, so new releases of digis will be slightly slower for this period, please keep a lookout for a new freebie which will be out in a few weeks.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


New digital stamp titled 'Sixties Rock n Roll', you might already have guessed she was inspired by the beautiful Ronettes, my favourite girl group from the 60s! This illustration was made quite some time back (last year). I will post a coloured example soon!

She is 8 inches 300dpi in jpeg format, available as an instant download in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/230803771/
The W-I-P sketch.

Meanwhile enjoy some beautiful photos of the trio:

My favourite Ronette songs are: 'Be my Baby' (of course), 'I Can Hear Music' (first heard it from the Beach Boys), 'You Baby' (first heard it from The Lovin' Spoonful) & 'Do I love you'. The 2nd and 3rd songs were my faves from the Beach Boys and Lovin' Spoonful before I got into Ronettes.

Previously I only knew 'Be My Baby' and their Christmas songs. No surprise why I like the girls so much, it's the type of tune I'm into... giving Phil Spector the credit for that!

'Be my Baby':

The Big TNT Show - 'Be my Baby' and 'Shout'

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Just received these unmounted Lemon Shortbread rubber stamps from Sweet Pea Stamps, thanks Lynette! The images are 4 inches height. As you can see, the lines are precise - sorry no stamped examples - I want to keep them clean for now!

These make fine samples for introducing people unfamiliar with scrapbooking or stamping. Their main question is: 'how do they get the lines cut so clean and detailed?'!

The rubber stamps are available here: http://www.sweetpeastamps.com/lemon-shortbread/ A selection of my digi stamps are also available at Sweet Pea so don't forget to check that out under Digi Stamp Artists if you'd like to combine your purchases!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Cat Burglar Girl digital stamp - you may call her Catwoman, though my creation has no relation to the DC character but well, she looks quite like her! There are only so many ways to draw a cat girl... and cat ears are cute! She is wearing a diamond necklace, two bracelets and a ring. If you like another cat girl digi, there is "Cat Girl with Mouse" here.

I coloured the artwork with markers, pastels and coloured pencils, with background done in Photoshop. Of course, you can also make this a daytime picture, and add gloves and a mask if you please.
This digi is available as an instant download in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/230083045/

Friday, April 17, 2015


Decided to take a quick exploration of the Tan Tock Seng grave site at Outram Road because I passed by it the other day. I've never knew of its existence since Tiong Bahru isn't part of my vicinity and the site piqued my interest because one of the graves was pretty large and facing the road. Spotted it while crossing the overhead bridge towards the bus-stop opposite Tan Boon Liat building (Tan Boon Liat is the great-grandson of Tan Tock Seng).

Tan Tock Seng (1798-1850) was a merchant and philanthropist in Singapore, and became of the wealthiest settlers here. He was made Justice of the Peace and also contributed funds in the building of Tan Tock Seng hospital.

Here is a board introducing the site. You can read it by using the 'View Image' on right-click to view it in 1000pixels.

There is a sign that warned 'STATE LAND NO TRESPASSING'. National Heritage Board says you can follow the trail.
This is the grave of Tan Tock Seng's daughter-in-law Chua Seah Neo, and granddaughter-in-law Wuing Neo. It is more elaborate than Tan Tock Seng's grave. It is dated 1882 and looks pretty spruced up and scrubbed clean, apart from the fallen leaves.

This circle appears to be for collecting water when it rains, possibly for fengshui. There is a larger one in the center in the photo above.
There is a shrine for a mountain deity. I'm not too sure about the customs of it but guessing because the family plot is situated on a hill. The stone guardians are interesting, can't tell what the one on the right is, maybe it is a hybrid chinese chimera (qilin) but it has hooves.
There is a path going towards Tan Tock Seng's grave towards the right, located on a hill running along the main road.
Down a slanted stone stairs.
 Here is Tan Tock Seng's grave, they cleaned it up pretty well. Seems like someone was here not too long ago too. It is much smaller and simpler than the other grave, his remains were originally not buried here but re-interred later.

See it is just above the bus-stop! Beyond that stone lion there is another mountain deity shrine. After that, it is a dead end.
It was getting dark and the mozzies were probably hungry so I left after snapping a few shots.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Introducing Lupin, our semi-new black kitty. It arrived at my boyfriend's house porch out of the blue one day a few months back - this is in California by the way. They say a cat chooses its owner - this is absolutely right.

This kitten was feral and following an orange cat with his other kitten siblings earlier and the gang stopped by the house at a water puddle. We don't know how Morris (what we call the orange cat) is related to them, but after a week one of the black kittens returned and permanently stayed, with Fuman who readily accepted it. Don't know what happened to the rest of his siblings but we know one sadly got killed on the road.

The photo above is Lupin with Fuman in the background.

Lupin is very skittish and refuses to let any human touch him/her or get close, although it meows very loudly and does the slow blinks. This is a problem since if it is coming 6 months old we need to neuter it, we still can't tell what gender it is! Lupin's name is from the 1960s-80s manga/anime Lupin the Third (ルパン三世 Rupan Sansei). We have a Lucy dog, a Luna black kitty (died, Lupin looks just like her) so now we continue the Lu-name.

Initially Lupin hissed at Kiwi cat at the door. Understandably it can't see in and smells all sorts of strangers, but Kiwi can see out lol. It doesn't do it anymore once it figured out Kiwi was just another cat.

This is Kiwi, Fuman and Lupin taken about a week or two before Fuman died.

Next is Kiwi, she has been with us for maybe 5 - 6 years. Kiwi used to be an outdoor porch cat and absolutely refused to go indoors for years, scrambling out the door whenever she was curious enough to peek in (she never fully came in anyhow). One day she decided to relocate indoors two years ago and stayed put, and if you put her outdoors she freaks out and dashes back indoors... sigh cats.... Nowadays she gets occasional sunshine under monitor. She watches her cat tv out the screen door and the dogs on top of the couch. 
Kiwi came over from the neighbor's across the street, also out of the blue. Just came to the porch, laid there, refusing to leave. We used to see her brother lounging out on the pavement but have not seen him for a few years now - hopefully he got kept indoors too.

Enjoying life as an indoor cat. When she wants to play, she rubs against your leg and sits down with her back facing you, waiting for you to jiggle her toys in her face lol. She is a bit violent when playing with them.

Kiwi is a very clean cat, she grooms herself over and over so her fur is very soft. However she sheds like crazy, whenever I go to the US, I get pretty bad nasal allergies from her dander. Her moustache is fish-shaped and uncannily resembles her favourite kibble! She is also gentle and patient (to humans at least, never bites or scratches) and a good rat catcher. She likes to troll one of the very timid female chihuahuas (Dotty) by staring down at the end of the corridor and blocking her way. Lucy dog has no problems and walks past looking at them wondering what's going on.

She has gained a lot of weight since I left last year. Partly due to losing a staff who would play with her whenever she demanded it - acrobats at least twice a day lol...  Now she only has bf left and no more acrobats. She is spayed but got so big everyone wondered if she was pregnant! She managed to lose some weight after she decided she wanted to play again, for a few months she wouldn't play and only ate, slept and groomed all day long. The funny thing is she has short stubby legs so her tummy looks like it touches the grass now!

There is a new cat on the porch since 3 weeks ago, the orange cat Morris we mentioned earlier. He actually dropped by for a few minutes the same day Fuman died. I've heard that a new cat immediately takes the place of another cat's territory once the latter's gone, but his pace was too quick! I can only deduce he was hungry, or his rival was gone, or both.

Anyway, this was the then unnamed ginger cat that arrived the day Fuman died.

Coming closer, and sniffing around. Bf did not feed him then because we don't know if he was someone else's pet or curious.

You might have figured out why we call him Morris.

Lookit that face - like a sad lion. How can you not feed him lol. He was very hungry by the way, and probably homeless. This was when he didn't want to leave.

Morris is very vocal with a scraggly mew and is sort of friendly with humans. Voracious appetite and keeps stealing little Lupin's portion! He looks pretty roughed out from fighting and his ear has some injuries.

Reunited with a member of the original gang, and got along for a short time. 2 weeks ago Morris started chasing and biting Lupin so we are going to see the situation if Morris should stay or go. There are also 3 other tabby cats fighting on the roof that day.

Video of the cats, mostly Morris.

Edit: We know now Lupin is female. I typed this post some time back and only just published it, unfortunately our 'kitten' Lupin is not a kitten but a very small-sized mature cat and she had her first litter of 3 kittens 2 days back!! We don't know what to do but to leave them in Lupin's selected hiding place (under the house) for now - can't get close to her without her freaking out lol.