Sunday, March 11, 2018


The rest of my autumn and winter digi stamps from last year.

Polka Dot Raincoat:
Wanted something cute.

Candy Apple:
Toffee / caramel / candy apple. Sticky mess, I used to like them but they make my teeth hurt now.

One for the pilates, yoga, exercise types. Is this Sporty Spice? No.

Skull Guy:
Only had one image for Halloween. Throwback to the past. I did a bunch of skullies back then.

Pumpkin Hat:
This one also comes with a no background version. This was a request by my DT Meg.

Artichoke Hat:
Did another artichoke girl on an art card years ago which was a bit more autumny. This one is continuing the vege/fruit hat kids series. Not too sure how the artichoke would taste (never tried).

Chilly Day:
This one also comes with a plain no-leaves version.

Poinsettia Bouquet:
Spent a long time on this one. Worked on her in 2 countries in three spans, which is more time than its worth!

Christmas Candle:
As titled.

Winter Owl:
Comes in two versions, one with a Christmas wreath and one with a bare branch.

Winter Wonderland:
Was going for a 80s-90s chibi look.

Ice Skating Guy:
The set comes with background, no background and a cropped version in case you just want the top half of the guy.

Bohemian Winter:
As titled. Actually I would imagine this in Hokkaido. You have to watch the Japanese movie 'Love Letter'.


background remove said...

These digital stamps are so cool. Thanks so much for the share.

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