Sunday, March 11, 2018


The rest of my autumn and winter digi stamps from last year.

Polka Dot Raincoat:
Wanted something cute.

Candy Apple:
Toffee / caramel / candy apple. Sticky mess, I used to like them but they make my teeth hurt now.

One for the pilates, yoga, exercise types. Is this Sporty Spice? No.

Skull Guy:
Only had one image for Halloween. Throwback to the past. I did a bunch of skullies back then.

Pumpkin Hat:
This one also comes with a no background version. This was a request by my DT Meg.

Artichoke Hat:
Did another artichoke girl on an art card years ago which was a bit more autumny. This one is continuing the vege/fruit hat kids series. Not too sure how the artichoke would taste (never tried).

Chilly Day:
This one also comes with a plain no-leaves version.

Poinsettia Bouquet:
Spent a long time on this one. Worked on her in 2 countries in three spans, which is more time than its worth!

Christmas Candle:
As titled.

Winter Owl:
Comes in two versions, one with a Christmas wreath and one with a bare branch.

Winter Wonderland:
Was going for a 80s-90s chibi look.

Ice Skating Guy:
The set comes with background, no background and a cropped version in case you just want the top half of the guy.

Bohemian Winter:
As titled. Actually I would imagine this in Hokkaido. You have to watch the Japanese movie 'Love Letter'.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


These include the rest of Lemon Shortbread Summer & some Autumn 2017 digital stamps.

Just realised I haven't blogged my new releases for a whole year since March 2017. The posts are mainly promoting my digis which is utterly boring since there's nothing to talk about really. Also ashamed for not taking the time to colour them!

Have also proved I am a terrible procrastinator lol.

At least my excuse was the printer wasn't working good. I've got a new one now if you have read my Epson rant below. Oh well no more excuses so cheers to more colored artworks. I can always opt for digital but it takes many hours (uninspired slow worker here) and I can't work long on the computer without my hands cramping up.

Here they are, just follow the links to the shop:

Electric Guitar Girl:
Not quite what I wanted I'll do better the next time. Maybe Debbie Harry, she is awesome.

Flower Wave:
More flowers. This time all over the place!

One of my favourite birds, I go to the bird park just to see them. It's either paint or draw and I haven't got time to paint.

Sailor Dress:
Something cute and summery for the kids. Did you notice I didn't draw eyelashes this time?

Painter Girl:
Something for the artists. No not me, I think it looks more like a friend. The apron is mine though, back when I was working at a bubble tea outlet (first job after school) lol... Dare to say I made the yummiest boba in town. The owner was the best boss ever.

T-shirt and Soda:
I saw this printed burger t-shirt at a store. It was hideous and cute at the same time. I like love junk food.

Blowing Bubbles:
Another one for the kids.

Ribbon Roses:
Pretty much the summary of my Shoujo-themed Pinterest boards.

Hugs of Love:
Early Valentine's, Anniversary's, Thinking of You, Mom's Day, XOXO.

Hat Bouquet:
This one also comes in a cropped version in case you don't want to use the whole figure. Shoo-in for the last summer stamps.

Wish Fairy:
Fairy godmother godsister, birthdays, well wishes, etc.

Windy Days
I was planning for our California family trip. Yes the Santa Ana Winds (aka Devil Winds). You won't be smiling when you experience them.

Hot Cuppa:
Enjoyed Gilmore Girls back in the noughties but didn't get to finish the show. Re-watched the whole series to catch up on that Netflix special. As much as I like Alexis Bledel, Rory Gilmore is the absolute worst. But that's not gonna ruin this cute piccie innit.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Free digital stamp "Anything Girl".
6.9 inches, 300dpi jpg.

Download it here: 

You can make whatever you like with it, just no commercial use or reselling please.

- For personal use only.
- No commercial use or reselling.
- Please credit/ link if you are using it.
- Please do not share image without the watermark on it.
- If your friends like it, please ask them to join the Lemon Shortbread Facebook group or direct them to this blogpost so they can read the Terms & Conditions.
- Freebie is available for an unlimited time, but just in case it is removed, please do not freely share/ distribute the files.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


We went to the March Field Air Museum located in Riverside California, along the I-215 freeway, you won't miss the rows & rows of planes! It is a fun place to check out even if you are not an aviation nerd. Lots of exhibits and history for a good price. And it's March now, so what better time to post this! We visited in Oct 2017.

Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children. Free for children under 4 years old.

Our AirBnB lodging was just 15 mins from this place so we had to visit it. I'm not a plane or military enthusiast but all of us were pretty excited when we saw the planes from the carpark. There is hardly a chance for us to see these amounts of historical planes at such close range and so vast a space.

First we were greeted by this magnificent SR-71 Blackbird! You won't be able to tear your eyes off it. That is a gorgeous sleek design if I ever saw one.

We had fun taking photos with this heavy Japanese turret gun. I've seen that battleship movie Yamato.

Commercial airline uniforms from the past also included.

There is a NASA & Russian space exhibit room. Here are some flight simulators for the kids.

Also a large exhibit on the different wars. There are window display rows on both sides.

After the indoor exhibit in the hangar, we headed outdoors where almost all of the planes were displayed. And there were many!

It was hot, dry, windy and very sunny, typical Californian summer in the desert. We all got a little crispy.
I recall there were Russian MiGs, US Fighter Jets, Bombers. I only know the B-17 bomber. Below is a B-17G Flying Fortress.

Hiding under the wing for some shade! I forgot my hat and sunglasses and of all colours, chose to wear black. You are not allowed to touch the planes.

Next to the March Air Base so we got to see planes land nearby.

There were also Vietnam-era helicopters.

It may take a few hours to explore the grounds if you want to read the boards in detail; a good idea to come earlier and allow some time to browse the gift shop. They stock nice pins, military patches and toys, of which I bought several pins.

That's it, there are way too many photos so I added a chosen few. I give this place a big thumbs up, just remember to bring water, a hat and slap on sunscreen! Oh and your cameras of course!