Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Time flies and Chinese New Year has just passed! Managed to squeeze out 4 images for the past month, I have not been blogging because I was busy with my vintage shop... mod and 1970s kitchenware to be precise lol. Talking about mod, check out the first image:

"Flower Power" is a homage to my favourite era (in terms of fashion!). I made her in shoujo style just because I thought it would be real pretty. 9 inches height.

"Mushroom Land" was in my sketchbook for some time. I once made an aceo of an elf holding a mushroom lamp and thought to do something similar. 7.5 inches height.

"Rainbow Unicorn". I had the 80s in my mind! It ended up looking like My Little Pony x Carebears x Little Twin Stars!! 10 inches wide.

"Kisses" is a sweet new release for Valentines or romantic projects! 6.8inches height.