Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Check out these beautiful cards created by design team at Crafts 2 Celebrate, using my digistamps Christmas Glitter Shoujo, Christmas Poinsettia Shoujo and Star Wand!

Their challenge #3 is themed 'Winter Wishes'! Winner of the challenge will win 3 digistamps from me, so if you'd like a chance at winning 3 luscious stamps, join the challenge at Crafts 2 Celebrate now!

By Lisa
By Manuela
By Mel

By Teighan

By Lady

By Catherine

By Irene
By Valou

Saturday, December 27, 2014


80s in the City

I am so much in the mood for cute dolls that I came up with a set of fashion digital stamps earlier in the month, they double as colouring pages too! They are based on what I recall back from the crazy 80s. 

Back then the barbie dolls came with a fashion catalogue promoting their various dolls and I liked to copy the dresses! That was how '80s in the City' came about, polka dotted layered miniskirts and the side ponytail!
80s Lipstick

'80s Lipstick' is inspired by Japanese fashion colouring books and their doll Jenny, in particular.

80s Soda

'80s Soda' is a bit Strawberry Switchblade style with the kitsch and layering.

The set of 3 is available for $10
Here's wishing everyone a Happy New 2015 to come!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Oh yes finally here! I purchased the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Jenny doll from Ebay and it came in time for Christmas! It took 2 weeks for it to arrive in Singapore from Japan. This is a collaboration with Takara Tomy x Baby, The Stars Shine Bright; a Japanese sweet lolita clothing brand. It was released mid-June 2014, retailing at 2,800 yen.

Off from the plastic sleeve photo. The box was slightly dinged from being shipped in an envelope with lots of bubble wrap but that is ok, as I was meaning to take her out from the box. As always I carefully undid the tape and wires. Baby The Stars Shine Bright Jenny comes with a pair of shoes and lace wristies. Unfortunately she does not come with a doll stand. That is quite a pet peeve as older Jennys had stands.

Once released, her hair is a matted mess! I saw from other photos of products and had worried about it and was right. It is so totally not like the advert they used:

She had hair falling out as I was separating the curls (gently), this was under half of what came out and I haven't even touched her hair yet. I didn't use a comb, just my fingers to gently spread out the hair so be warned.

However, she does have the cutest shoes! The heels are heart shaped, and her ring and earrings are also heart shaped in the same colour. They fit her feet with her socks just fine, although the socks tend to bunch up at the ankles as it is not really stocking material but like a tricot knit fabric.

I wish I had better colours in the photo but this is what she roughly looks like, with brown eyes, rose pink lips under the glare of the afternoon sun!

She can stand on her own but will need some trial and error to balance her weight out, and since she is wearing heels she isn't very steady and is best left leaning against the wall. I prefer to have a doll stand included, so if Takara Tomy can bring that back, pretty please? Or at least allow her legs to bend at the knees, older Jenny dolls could snap at the knees, so this is rather annoying since the balance is even harder now. She has one bent fixed leg like she is walking.

The articulation in the hips allows her to spread her legs lengthwise a bit, she can also do the normal splits. She looks better with the dainty closed legs. Her arms are bendable at the elbows but not much, so the range is quite limited to the standard lolita model pose. Her head can tilt left and right.

Her headband has an elastic band underneath. A little bit of shorter hair goes in the front! One side is straying in the other direction so I'd need to do some serious styling later, also I don't know if I like that her hair is so fluffy and curly all over with one particular ugly long curl at the bottom. It does have its own charm but I've always liked neatly curled hair - you know, like in that promo they showed??

The main dress is velcroed at the back, the pink and white are one whole piece, it'll be nice if it was a separate pinafore but that would cost more money to produce I guess. It appears to be a cotton-polyester blend or maybe cotton. The candy pink fabric (sorry for the bluish tint) is thin twill fabric, with strawberries, floral prints and the Baby's logo. The lace is generic and inexpensive type.

So that sums up my review of the Baby's Jenny doll, I recommend it if you don't mind the curly floofy hair, she is pretty cute as is, and will be hanging around my work desk for now. Also I think I might fix her hair and tame it somewhat so she can model other lolita clothes!


Edit: I fixed her hair to make it more organised and she looks much better! Using my fingers, I grouped small bunches together and twirled them in the right direction. I have further rearranged the curls after these latest photos to make it more evenly spaced so she is very pretty now! A lot more hair came out and I trimmed the stray flyaways in her hair fringe.

Have a very blessed Christmas folks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


On a Mushroom
Just finished three cute pixie or fairy digital stamps from my Nature Tot series. The common theme is mushroom and toadstools, maybe one day I'll give them a back story! Hope you like them, they are available as instant downloads in my Etsy shop.

Toadstool Hat

Gatherer Pixie