Saturday, July 21, 2012


This year's Singapore Garden Festival, held at Suntec City Convention Hall as always. I went on a weekday with my mom, she had been nagging since the previous week but Saturday was predictably too crowded to enjoy anything so we made it on a Tuesday. Less human traffic and the flowers aren't too dead yet. The theme was fairytales with elves and Alice in wonderland type creatures. Those frogs.... I've seen them in Toad Hall. They are on the mantle-clock above Toad's fireplace lol. Love that 1980s Wind in the Willows animation.




This was inspired by the aurora borealis.

An entry from Sweden. Pretty colours.


Finally someone from Indonesia did a kaleidoscope theme!

Ooh mesmerising... if only it wasn't crowded I would stand there longer.

Seven dwarves off to mining across the bridge. You can't see it here though.

Faux cave structure, with jungle soundtrack no less.

Zen Garden


Holly said...

What a lovely, magical event! And it happens every year? I've already decided I'd like to visit Singapore someday, perhaps I'll have to plan a trip when the garden festival is taking place.

Lemon Shortbread said...

It happens every 2 years I think!

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I remember being a part of the garden festival in Singapore. The experience was brilliant and everyone was amazed at the creations. I wish someting like that were placed in our city.