Thursday, December 2, 2010


Happy December everyone!

So glad I'm finally done with listing all of my vintage jewellery stock for the year, it was almost non-stop since Oct, besides doing a few illustrations. The photo above shows the highlight of my US trip finds, carded earrings unworn stock dated 1955 (yep a big pile!) and many sets which I was reluctant to part with! If you're interested they are available in my blogshop. The newspapers have been reporting about the increase of online shopping worldwide so hopefully that will create some awareness and remind people to try out online shops.

Anyhow gearing up for 2011's big event which is Chinese New Year with more jewellery waiting to be shipped, meanwhile for Dec I shall focus on making as many artworks as possible. Full of ideas but when not getting to them quick enough they flutter away especially when my notebook is not with me at the moment!

How's your december & Christmas sales doing?


Bubbles said...

I think many people in the UK will opt for online Christmas shopping due to the weather. I haven't done any myself yet as I thought I'd have time but who knows if this weekend the snow will have disappeared enough people to return to work and for me to venture into the city. I hope this will mean that you get an increase in sales yourself.

Holly said...

That is a great find! I'm glad to hear you're getting a lot done. Let me borrow some of your productivity! ;-)~