Sunday, January 16, 2011



Keys ain't stuck no more

OK so I set my mind to clean the long overdue keyboard maintenance which I used to keep every 3 months till laziness kicked in. Left it for a year like the above yucky photo. Used 70% isopropyl alcohol. Nice and smooth now. And yayyyy I got my iMac back after some hiccups with the service center forgetting to pick up my computer. Fixed for free, so happy now the screen is line-less. The new lcd screen has a 90 day warrranty so let's hope this one lasts. It's like having a new computer all over again, even more so with the clean keyboard. I used the Sapura repair center with the free pick-up service and only paid S$21 for them to deliver it to me and it was done quickly in 2 days. Was just getting used to the extra space on my desk lol but eh nm the space I want the computer more.

The view is so.... panoramic lol.

So now one thing's fixed I have another problem, this time with my Samsung CLP-315 laser printer, it smudges toner in horizontal lines and needing it urgently so am waiting for them folks to call me back.  Thank goodness it has a 3 year warranty.

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