Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art last year in November 2012. The current featured exhibition is Stanley Kubrick, it runs till 30 June 2013. 'The Shining' is one of my favouritest film, so I was delighted the exhibition was just what interested me (had obtained a free pass too).

These were some proposed cover art that were rejected.

Love the twins!

2001: A Space Odyssey

Designed by Georg Jensen for the film

A Clockwork Orange

Barry Lyndon perhaps? Haven't seen this film yet.

There was a small feature on Expressionism in films. LOVE Metropolis (and the poster). I just saw a 'Giorgio Moroder presents' version with a remix of the soundtrack with 80s music, unfortunately it kinda bombed, sorry.

I watched Dr Caligari after this exhibit lol.

Paul Kelpe, Signs (1925)

El Lissitzky, Proun 3A (1920)

Wassily Kandinsky, Signs (1925)

Wassily Kandinsky, Three Free Circles (1923) and Study for 'Circles in the Circle' (1923) 

Wassily Kandinsky, Melodious (1924)

Claes Oldenburg, Giant Pool Balls (1967)

Roy Lichtenstein, Cold Shoulder (1963)

Pablo Palazuelo, Diferencias XII (1987)


Egyptian coffin

Ashurnasirpal II and a Winged Deity, from Nimrud, 9th century B.C.

Deity Performing Ritual Purification, from Nimrud, 9th century B.C.

Christ and the 12 Disciples, c.1450-1500

Archangel Raphael from Italy Naples, c.1600s

Francesco Picano, Saint Michael casting Satan into Hell (1705)

Jan van Huysum, Bouquet of Flowers in an urn (1724)

Claude Monet, In the woods of Giverny: Blanche Hoschede at her easel with Suzanne Hoschede reading (1887)

Claude Monet

Maurice Denis, Motif Romanesque (1890)

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