Saturday, June 29, 2013



Hallo folks it is a nice sunny day today and not hazy from the crazy forest fires in Indonesia, it's been raining for a few days and that has helped settle the dust. Here's a friendly little shout-out to Joanne Loo from DeviantArt & Facebook who commented (on Facebook) that my blog was quiet for some time lol... I thought no one was reading anymore but I'm gladly wrong. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook links are somewhere on my side bar if you'd like to add me.

My sister wanted me to scan some of my dad's old photos so she can compile a memento album of sorts. Today is my dad's birthday and I missed posting this on Father's day. Above is a scan of my favourite photo out of the lot, taken in the mid-1950s in Egypt. I've been intrigued by the mysteries of the pyramids and Sphinx since a wee child! He had nothing to say about that visit only that the camels were uncomfortable to sit on... a typical response from my dad. Egypt was probably not as developed then, so there was nothing to see? He went on a short world tour (France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Egypt) by ship whilst he was still studying in Italy.

Does Paris still look like this?

His music teacher. I don't know his name unfortunately. This will be interesting to investigate.


Unknown said...

Hello Vera~! Hehe, hello to you too! :D

Your dad looks like he was Photoshopped into the pictures lol! But it's amazing he accomplished all that by ship! Wow!

Lemon Shortbread said...

Thank you Joanne =)

Holly said...

These pictures are so fascinating! Your dad seems like he'd have some interesting stories to tell.