Saturday, January 25, 2014


Took a while on this lady - Super Sailor Moon! I probably should do Eternal Sailor Moon as a finale? I don't fancy her poufy ball sleeves or the tiered skirt as much. This painting didn't quite turn out the dreamy way I had pictured in my mind, the way Takeuchi Naoko's beautiful ink artworks are.

Initial sketch. Originally her hand was up but it ended up covering the brooch so I altered it.

Traced onto the canvas.

Base paint and the reference pictures.

She originally had the rainbow graduating colours on the collar and skirt hem like in the manga, but I just couldn't do it properly in acrylic because there was no space to blend the five colours.

 So plain blue. I checked the anime version on how they did the cels and followed suit.

Shading done. The trouble to mix four additional colours just for dots (representing gemstones) on the brooch made me wish for it to be completed already!

I added lines to the painting using acrylic ink mixed with paint, added stray hairs, accents.

Finished piece. The background has tiny white stars but it is too faint to see it from this scan, it is more vibrant in person!

If you like to own this painting, she is available in my Etsy shop! 25 x 35cm, acrylic on canvas, unvarnished. Clicky here:

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