Friday, August 22, 2014


Here I am again at the Singapore Garden Festival 2014, this time the event was held at Gardens by the Bay at Bayfront till 24 August. I went in the evening so it was night time by the time we reached the orchid exhibit and we had to skip the outdoors event. And it was pouring before we reached so the floor was pretty wet.

Gardens by the Bay. The event is held outdoors and indoors. This time if you want to purchase flowers from the vendors, you don't have to buy a ticket unlike in previous years, as they are located around the park.

The Fantasy Gardens exhibit was dark and cold. There are 7 participants this year.

Some Floral Windows to the World exhibit:

There is a mirror on the right side so it is reflecting the left for an optical illusion.

There is a water stream raining down on one side of this floral design element.

Green living and educational stuff:

Lookit the cute shrimp! This is in a mini aquarium.

This was my favourite one, maybe it's the plastic chairs that did it. And I like ferns and the water fountain below the table.

Mangrove dining

Harry Potter inspired miniature gardens diorama

Another miniature, adorable!

Nice perspective on this diorama.

Next we went outdoors to catch the light show at the Supertree Grove (aka Those 'Avatar' trees). It's free so you can check it out if you happen to be in the area. One starts at 7.45pm and another at 8.45pm.

Entering the Flower Dome to access the orchid exhibit:

These are pretty; the little TV screens show a time lapse video of how each flower blooms.

These are the permanent garden displays within the Flower Dome, it was not crowded as it was close to 10pm.

Good night and thanks for reading!


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