Sunday, November 16, 2014


I'm plugging my new shop with a close friend from my fashion school days! Introducing Mango Minx - luxury handmade pet collars! Tentatively we only have dog collars but we will soon do cat collars too. We also do customised work. Do check us out at

The chihuahua above is a quickie to show how the collar would look like on a model, I might come up with a more legit promo lol.

Below is the current collection we have, with 2 more coming up. We have been working on the designs on-off for months, and pretty picky about the designs and findings. We like sparkly things so each collar has some sort of rhinestone or crystal elements in it. Join us on our Facebook page for updates and pet-related jokes, videos and memes:

Gothic Victorian Dog Collar

Regal Soldier Dog Collar

Beary Kawaii Dog Collar
Flamenco Passion Dog Collar

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