Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Here are the latest spook-tacular digital stamps release for Halloween and classic monsters fans! I've been quite productive lately!

"Bride of Frankenstein"
9 inches height, this digi stamp listing also includes a no-lightning background as a bonus!
She is available here:

"Dracula Party"
6.5 inches height. A friendly vampire, like... Count Duckula maybe?
He is available here:

"Mummy Trick or Treat"
6.5 inches height. "Gimme your candy..." it moans.
It is available here:

"Frankenstein Cheers"
8.5 inches height. Naturally Frankenstein came about after I drew Bride of Frankenstein, he'd rather chill out.
He is available here:


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Ralph Carpenter said...

hey!1 where do you base? love your work and merchandise. very creative and colourful. How can i get my hands on your stuffs? I am friom Pakistan.