Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have some chic vintage art deco earrings that had paint chipped off and was unsaleable because of the lousy condition. So I'm gonna just experiment and try my hand at restoring them. These earrings will be on sale when it's finally done; they are such dearies it'll be a pity to toss them aside so even if I sold them off for a few bucks, it's all worth it!

Step 1: 
I didn't think of taking a picture of the earrings in their original state; these deco fan earrings are metallic black that was chipped and was white in some parts. Before starting, I used alcohol to clean them to remove any excess oils and dirt. Then I took black acrylic paint (this brand is Daler & Rowney's) and gave it 2 coats of paint front and back. A few hours in between each coat front and back. The photo shows when I had one coat and proceeding with the 2nd.

Ditto for these deco leaf earrings. They were originally white, and the white chipped off very obviously leaving a brass (?) base. 2 coats in this photo, and as you can see, the paint came out more even than single coat...

Step 2:
Next is using a sealant of some sort. I decided to be experimental and use this liquid embossing for decoupages rather than conventional varnish hehe. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The photo shows after I've applied one coat of the embossing liquid with a paintbrush (still wet). Let it dry (supposedly for 48 hours to cure). 

Step 3:
Aw failed attempt! There was fine bubbles I couldn't rid off because the liquid sets way too quick for me to even use a brush without it lumping together =(

Step 4:
Varnish this time!! No painting. So I dipped it straight in the container lol and used the brush to swipe off excess varnish. Hopefully it come out better this time... 

Step 5:
Finished product. Slight uneveness because of that smart-alecky attempt of mine lol but looks ok. I couldn't figure a way to let it sit to dry without a wet part touching the surface so there's some roughness over there too. 2 layers of acrylic paint, 2 layers of embossing liquid and 1 layer of varnish. Do better the next time!

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