Friday, May 9, 2008


These are Japanese paper wallets made by Zemliya Paper Products. Found them while clearing my aunt's home! It includes a folded stack of papers, I'm not sure what they are exactly for but I see the words 'For Tea Use' so I'm guessing so. I love ukiyo-e.

A slip of paper enclosed reads:
"The feeling of well-known Japanese Paper "Wagami and the grace of the famous dyeing 'Kyoto Yuzenzome' make new paper products 'Zemliya'. It is made of non-woven fabric with superior fabric and given feeling of Wagami by traditional craft and modern chemistry. Beautiful colors, exclusive designs, soft touch, light weight, sufficient strength, washable quality, fast color, and so on; what a useful material it is! There is no doubt that Zemliya is the most attractive new material in our everyday life." 


This is another one, manufacturer unknown. It probably one of those corporate gifts thing my aunt got. Comes with a long notepad inside.

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