Friday, October 10, 2008


This may sound wierd but shopping therapy does not work for me. I feel very stressed when shopping, because spending a bomb on supplies when my bank account is not very full is not very pleasant lol. My preferences for spending money is on yummy FOOD. Calculating and juggling stores for the best prices are the worst part of sourcing! This year for Christmas I'll be focusing on Lemon Kitscharms at (my supplies & jewellery shop). Florals will be my theme; right now I am creating alot of cameo necklaces, Holly Hobbie rings and these beautiful floral cameos:

There have been hiccups on my materials lately; the manufacturer decided to change the plating of the rings to a yellow gilt and the colour is so wrong. It's now pale yellow rather than gold. And my bezels are gold... very annoying! Also there have been occassional faulty cameos, it's not worth it for me to return the faulty products so I gotta reorder and wait a few weeks for it to arrive besides absorbing the costs for the faulty goods... I can't stand selling products that are not up to par. Also my supplier for my ox-brass chain sold out on his stock for ages & I patiently waited & went to his store again and again (it's an hour's travel) on the promised shipment dates... but they never arrived! In the end he said he didn't KNOW when it was arriving! Sheesh. Thank God I found another supplier which is a new shop just down the street.

I'm curious to know what problems you face when sourcing?

Oh yes check out my handmade cute paper baggies on Etsy. I'm really a chronic paper bag maker! These are pouches for promos or packing supplies, selling in lots of 45. 


Anonymous said...

Those paper bags are so cute!.. and I love the holly hobbie rings!

Unknown said...

Dealing with supplies is a pain-in-the-neck, always!! I try to have back ups for everything. You're lucky they're local!

Your little bags are darling!

I added your link to my blog!

Bobbi said...

I didn't know you had a supplie shop. I am going to heart you right now because I'm always looking for this and that when it comes to supplies!

PAC said...

I love those paper baggies! Adorable!! Where do you sell your supplies?

Just Me said...

Omigosh!! Those rings are ADORABLE.....are they going to be in your shop??? SOoo so cute!

Lemon Shortbread said...

Hi guys my supplies & jewellery shop is at

It's a blog shop! =)

Tizzalicious said...

God, I feel your pain about the supply shopping. My main problems are:

- Not being able to find the same chain again
- Slight color differences, especially with gold!
- Crazy shipping costs to Europe

Bubbles said...

I love those rings with the children on, it reminds me of a stationery set my sister had (and some how I ended up with it) with similar images on.

I also love those bags :)

Amanda said...

Your paper pouches and jewellery are gorgeous :) I've just hearted your shop. I don't know how I didn't stumble across it earlier.

Amanda said...

I just added your blog link to my 'Artful Places' blog roll too :)