Wednesday, November 5, 2008


MesmanBlog has mentioned my 2 ACEOs in their blog HERE! Thank you~ =)
Visit their photography and blog:


Also I've been tagged again, this time by ArtbyMar! Please feel free to grab this and post it on your blog and tag others!

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1. Don't like the sound of plastic bags, though sound of paper bags are nice (I collect them)
2. Mathematics is hard to understand, especially trigonometry.
3. Phones and doorbells are best when they don't ring.
4. My favourite colour  is salmon pink, and sunset colours.
5. I've never drunk coffee. I tried a teeny sip when little and that put me off permanently. 
6. I've worked for a plant nursery and know some info on tropical plants (probably forgotten most of them by now)
7. I never had interest in accessories but worked for a few fashion companies and dabbled in selling/ repairing them. Now I'm selling jewellery, and it's strange because I seldom wear jewellery, don't even wear a watch. Don't have pierced ears. I like what I'm doing now because of the floral cabochons and admiring vintage designs... Besides drawing of course =)


Check out what my aunt sent me! She found 3 more vintage embroidered postcards bought in the 1950s from Spain! Too bad they're mouldy from Singapore's humidity... one reason why I don't collect paper goods or do art trades... can you bear to let your artwork be destroyed by mould infection?

4 comments: said...

These are great!!

Bubbles said...

Thats great that you were blogged about, hope it helps to make some sales before xmas. I loved reading your 7 facts and the postcards are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

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