Tuesday, December 9, 2008


These are some postcards I got from the Salvation Army thriftstore, it is a 5-piece set made by Ikea. I don't know what Chinese painting has to do with Ikea but they are so adorable and such a great find for a nice price too =).

They are painted by Chen Dehong, a renowned chinese painter who mixes Chinese and Western methods of painting. Love the dexterity of the strokes, and how a few dabs and smudges portrays kitties so well.

I've always planned to take up chinese calligraphy/ painting but learning the technique takes years of practice; the simpler the artwork, the harder the technique. Also I'm guessing since handling the brush & ink will show how amateur (or pro) you are, it's just better not to get embarrassed because my chinese handwriting in pen is atrocious.

One of the cards was used as a trade with my mailart friend in Italy. Yes I totally mangled it - we had to have our personal touch on it so I had to wreck it up a little =)


Bubbles said...

I love the detail in the postcards, its almost as if the cats are real. I don't know how I would have altered them if it was me.

Amalou said...

I totally understand the simpler the artwork the harder it is. Seems that the more that's left out makes it work better. Chen's cats are perfect! Makes a cat's life look very appealing doesn't it :)