Monday, February 16, 2009


I read from the Etsy forums that painters, photographers, graphic artists & designers there aren't getting as much exposure as compared to the other major categories of shops. With Etsy being marketed as a handcrafted site, people's first impression are usually jewellery, accessories, beauty products and supplies. Well, there are hundreds of artwork shops on Etsy selling originals and prints so please check them out when you're free; there is an astonishing amount of talent I've come across just by randomly searching a tag. Today I was surfing around for some inspiration (been in a major art slacking mood lately) and found some gems!  


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Hello, I am honored that you posted one of my paintings from the thousands available on Etsy. Thank you so very much. BTW, my blog is, check it out! Carol

Me said...

Beautiful finds! There are so many great artists on Etsy, thank you for highlighting this topic and including one of my pieces, I'm honored :)