Sunday, July 5, 2009


The Uniqlo site always comes up with such cool widgets!! First it was the Uniqlock. Now it's this Calendar widget:

It was fun to stare at the funky time-lapsed bird's eye view of Japan. Talk about great web design and marketing! The best thing is it loads pretty quickly despite being mostly different moving scenes. I feel like getting more Uniqlo jeans now =)

Uniqlo is Japan's leading clothing retailer specialising in low-cost quality casual wear. I love their jeans and guy's tees - I dig the guy's shirts more than what the girls were getting. Like... I saw this Casshan/Casshern (70's sci-fi anime) t-shirt but it didn't come in girl's sizes. Guys get all the fun you know.

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GalleryJuana said...

I was just in uniqlo yesterday. I'll have to take a look at their widgets on their site.