Thursday, May 31, 2012


In the last post I was talking about buying some Swarovski beads because of the cute window displays and well... I did. The above are Swarovski pendants, aren't they so pretty. I wonder what design to make? Oh and the resin roses are neat too, those will probably be necklaces too.

If you're interested other handmade jewelry, I made this necklace consisting of a large Swarovski heart in bermuda blue, it is aqua green to an oceanic blue depending which the angle you are looking at, and my camera managed to catch just the main green hues. I added some czech glass beads on the chain to match it up! This is going for S$38.00 (about USD$31.67). More details on this page:

This one is a simple pendant necklace in rainbow vitrail medium. I have a few of these left.

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