Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday I went to the beach in the evening and the weather was urgh. (I know... always complaining about our weather lol) It feels like you could cut the air with a knife and my perspiration came in buckets. There was no breeze. On a lighter side I managed to pick up some beach glass before the sun went down, unfortunately some are still young glass which should go back into the sea but there wasn't enough light to see clearly till I got home. There was much less glass this time, either the sea has not been coughing out litter as usual, or that oil spill cleanup from last year removed most of it. There are some rather large pieces of glass, some bases of bottles, but usually the underside isn't frosted enough. Also I had more greens this time since they are easier to spot. Have you picked up any beach shells or glass lately? I'd love to see it!

At least there were nice pink clouds.

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