Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have introduced colouring pages to my shop and these work as digi stamps too if you like! They came about while I was sorting my old personal items and found these really nostalgic 1980s Japanese coloring books (a present from my dad which was rare) and shoujo paper dolls that had accompanied me since childhood. One of my favourite past times was tracing them over and over!

Perhaps I was too inspired by the frills and puffy skirts, so decided to design a series of Gothic Lolitas colouring books. First up are the Sweet Lolitas, I hope these will be fun to colour for both adult and children. The genre and sub-genre of the various Lolitas are a Japanese fashion lifestyle inspired by Rococo, Victorian, Edwardian and gothic elements, usually cute and conservative looking. I think the word 'lolita' was used just because it sounded cute.

There will be more colouring pages coming up. The images are all high res and can be purchased individually if you don't want to buy a set, and will print out nicely on 8.5x11 inches paper or A4.

More details on the Sweet Lolita series one can be viewed here:

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