Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I have had a few digi stamps released recently but held back posting them because they are not yet coloured. I am just going to post the linearts first and update with coloured versions later. The artwork above is "Wildflower Basket Fairy"! Great for spring, summer or autumn-themed crafts, you can play around with colours, try removing the background to fit whatever season you want!
7 inches height, 300dpi jpg. She is available here:

Next is "Rose Pirate". Initially I called her 'Black Rose Pirate' since that was the colour I imagined the roses to be. She has a skull earring (just one side), bows in her hair and a scar over her left eye. I think she'll go well with Halloween and goth-themed crafts.

6.5 inches height, 300 dpi jpg. She is available here:

Lastly a big thank you to all who supported the 'Coloring for Clean Water' fundraising event, it is now over! Hope you've enjoyed the stamps!

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