Saturday, January 30, 2016


Here's a shout out to a friend, Ruoshi. She is a professional caricaturist and artist for many years now. If you need her services, do drop her an email at: flowerism (at)
or message her on Facebook!

Her Facebook Page:

She is available for events (personal or corporate), commissioned portraits, as well as art classes.

If you'd like to request a commission, the price range varies depending on what you want - a speed drawing caricature (simple few minutes work), torso or full-body, a caricature with more details, or the more lifelike artistic rendition which takes many hours so it will be charged as such. For more details, please e-mail her for enquiries.

This multi-talented lady also performs Chinese Opera! As such her inspired character 'Hua Dan' is reflected in almost all of her oil paintings and illustrations. You can purchase them, or request a custom piece, just take a browse in her Facebook gallery.

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