Sunday, January 10, 2016


Here are some new digi stamps, I finally managed to draw a trio so the"Angel Wings Series" set is now released and I can blog about it!

Mini Dress Fairy:
This one is the last angel-winged girl so I was struggling a bit on how she should turn out, in the end I went for normal manga style. Had fun drawing her dress and belt. She took a long time to clean digitally because I redrew the wings in Photoshop. My original inked sketch was just squiggles for the feathers.

Angel Wings Fairy:
She is called 'Metamorphosis'. She has butterflies on her dress but her wings turned fluffy this time.

Deco Angel Wings:
This girl is inspired by art deco and a bit of goth. I didn't draw the irises or pupils for her eyes so you can colour her eyes to give it a dreamy look.

If you like all of them, you can save some cash as the set is 3 for $10!

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