Sunday, July 31, 2016


A goodbye to Underwater World at Sentosa! I visited it for the last time on 13 June with my mom. They are now permanently closed. I would say the official announcement that they were going to close came rather abruptly in the papers, around early june. Ticket prices were slashed to $9.00 which was the price in 1991 when they first opened. Usually it would be around $29.90 (I think) for an adult ticket which was rather pricey for a short attraction. I remembered when they first opened with fanfare and everyone was raving about it. I have visited this place 3-4 times in my entire life.

It was a very warm, bright day and the queue was snaking. Average queuing time was 45 mins.

 The closing announcement and a screenshot of the website if you can't quite read it.

One of the two pools where you can touch the starfishes and rays.

A nautilus.

The conveyor belt tunnel was packed, as seen from across the aquarium! Here I got my 'Undersea' scene setting on my camera so the colour balance was adjusted.

The actual colour would be something like this!

The Jelly Fish enclosure was also packed.

Crowded but still nice, everyone wanted their selfie. Since it was a hot day in a long outdoor queue I have to mention it was a bit stinky lol.

Huge fish got everyone's attention.

Under the belly of a giant ray!

Slow moving fishes so they came out sorta clear. Most of my photos were just a blur of activity lol.

I think the best way to enjoy this is a video (scroll below).

Clown fishes in a tubed tank were the only clear fishes I could capture. With that we left the crowd and back into the heat!

Here are two snapshots of the lovely view from the new Siloso Skywalk.

Commemorative pennies.

Sad for it to go but I guess rental and competition from S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios killed it.

A video I made.

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