Monday, February 11, 2008


12-14th Feb at National University of Singapore

It was great on Valentines Day! Not so good for first 2 days. I made a mini table using my luggage, a chair and a carton box due to a lack of display space. You can spot it on the right corner!


Below photo shows my first outdoor fair selling my handmade jewellery at The Arts House on 2 & 3rd Feb, which used to be a nice colonial Parliament Building! I was sharing a table with my good pal who does nailart services, however the crowd flow was dismal. There wasn't even a trickle of passerbys from lack of advertisement or something; obviously we were very disappointed and most of the vendors stationed within the building (ours was outside) shared the same sentiment. Anyhow I'll be having another shot at outdoor fairs this time at the National University of Singapore tomorrow. Hope it does better! I will continue my artworks after all these retailing.

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