Saturday, July 12, 2008


Windows wide open:
Dusk arrives as angry dark clouds pushes in. They obscure the brilliant white clouds that caught my attention at the corner of my eye.

Clouds hide as the dark clouds tears on... at least for 5 minutes....!

The white clouds emerge victorious as the stratus rain clouds decide to say farewell. And appear prettier than ever! Sky becomes a deep blue too. Banishing other altostratus-es from the sky, cumulus clouds say hello:

Say cheeese!
The everchanging atmosphere is quite the blog post, something more constructive on my next entry haha!


Bubbles said...

Its like this here too but it rains non stop

Bobbi said...

That's actually a pretty cool shot! Makes me think of silver linings and all that good stuff. You wondered about the snake on my blog. I think the article said the home owner actually killed it with a shovel. It sounded like the snake coiled up to strike so it was either the guy or the snake!! CREEPY!