Monday, July 14, 2008


This is my 2nd time drawing a pregnant woman. The first one I ever did was a horror pic, and it was incomplete and not to be published. Maybe one day I shall reveal it and show you the grotesqueness of it hehe! Anyhow this is my latest ACEO made with brown copic pen, markers and white pen. She came about by accident, when I wanted to draw a stylised girl with a cool slouch but couldn't get it right so after a few editings, the slouch became the pregnant tummy! You can purchase it here in my Etsy shop: Expecting

Also I really need to change the ugly banner header on my blog, always wanted to change it since the one you see now consists of my ugly handwriting while practising using my new wacom... will come up with something cuter!

1 comment:

Bubbles said...

There isn't a single aceo I've seen you make that I don't like. You always capture the features so well.

As for your banner I never noticed as I liked it but I know sometimes we fancy a change :). I think you should go for something like in your shop, I love the girl you've used in it.