Thursday, July 24, 2008


A retro twist after seeing the Sesame street psychedelia videos (in the previous post)! Also "Stop # 7" means "Train Stop #7". Available in my Etsy shop here: Stop Number 7
The title came about while my itunes played this instrumental:

It also is my favourite scene in the Studio Ghibli's film 'Spirited Away'. So surreal! Oh yes she stops at train station number 6 (Swamp), so mine's number 7. You guys have to watch this film (academy award winning) even if you dislike anime, because this is not really the anime-anime that may get very annoying sometimes (too much exaggeration and noise).

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya! I love Spirited Away too! I did like the bit you mention, if I remember right, there's a long shot of the sky and it feels quite restful... I haven't watched the film for some time, maybe it's time to again!

Oh and I love your drawings, I think they're beautiful and I think you're very accomplished, don't go thinking you're no good because that's crazy!

Joey x