Saturday, September 19, 2009


The Singapore Comex 2009 is the largest computer & electronics expo held here from 10-14 Sept. I have avoided all computer conventions (about 2-3 large scale ones annually) since 2005 because of the immense crowd but this year my brother wanted to take a look and it was a free drive, I might as well check out the latest cameras on sale (btw I can't drive and don't need to since we have public transport here).

My initial expression when imagining the crowd:

I had already expected a huge turnout from my last experience. There's got to be like a million visitors but the papers reported about 710,000 or so, I don't know how they count the heads but anyhow it was just PACKED.

This is the Nikon booth I was zooming in for but the counter (a polygonal shape with staff on the inside) was lined up with customers trying out the cameras... so like one camera you have three people huddling over it. I mean I didn't even get to peek at the cameras. Gave up after 10 minutes and wanted to leave. Oh yes my 2nd option was Olympus behind there but I am not looking for a 12 megapixel compact camera but a 6-7 megapixel because the sensors are small anyhow.

So I hung out on the outside while my brother browsed monitors. See the escalators were full. Five storeys of electronics so about 10 sets of escalators all packed. Notice it is still daylight.

Fast forward night - an hour before closing and the escalators were still congested lol! Hats off to security.

This part isn't as bad as the console games alley which was mainly just shoving your way through. I got my foot ran over by a stroller and got 'molested' by another woman who was shoving from the opposite direction.

Ah yes confetti. Techies are neanderthals at heart, really. Just be careful how you walk and this is why you shouldn't bring strollers.

I didn't buy anything. The papers reported record-breaking sales of $63 million(!) That means that the recession here is all mumble and grumble but most Singaporeans aren't really starving homeless, just less money to spend on luxuries... and this rings true because the travel fair had record-breaking sales too. They say it's 'pent-up demand' from 2008 when people travelled less. As far as I'm concerned I'm always stuck on the struggling-artist rung with occasional splurges on (mostly) food & art books; not richer nor poorer, just needed to work harder for my cash.

And I haven't been blogging regularly but will visit & comment on your blogs soon and thank you for all your visits!


debra@dustjacket said...

It looks crazy busy! What a mess after! Poor cleaner.

Have a great weekend,

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to tell you, I couldn't take that kind of crowd either. Oh my, the escalator was unreal.
Now the good side of all you had a nice trip with your brother..Have a good weekend.

Melly Kay said...

too many people for me!!! i get claustrophobic in crowds like that.

its good to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! I'm following

apparentlyjessy said...

Woah! That looks intense! My boyfriend would be in heaven there!

Holly said...

That looks like SO much fun! I'm glad to see that so many people came out, and WOW at the fact that the consumers spent $63 million! What a success!

wii controller said...

This seems to be rocking weekend. I am looking forward to be there soon.