Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm in the mood for sewing so here are 3 aceo sized mini quilts! They are made of acrylic felt & handstitched. I used to dislike felt because they are so stiff-fibery but the convenience of it not fraying allows me more patterns on small details. I'll be selling more of these on Ebay when I'm in the USA from 20Mar-Apr. The extreme right one is available in my etsy shop! Also bought a whole range of colours so am busy for now =) It's such a pity I can't bring my needle or scissors on board airflights..

Left one is 'Cloud Forms' with wire details and czech beads, center one is 'Black Kitty' which I've always wanted to make and the right one is 'Glitter Tree' with swarovski crystals and glass beads!

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