Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ah yes, my collection of paper dolls I had as a kid. Well I didn't exactly played with these batch through my childhood but I bought a whole lot of them when I was about 14  because the illustrations are just so snazzy! The other paper dolls I had when younger were some british/ american dolls on flimsy paper. Needless to say they are now sorely missed and have probably made their way back to the ground. I still go crazy over paper dolls especially if they are well made! And I'm gonna complete some handmade ones, been doing so since I was 10 but never successful... needa figure out how to print them on cardboard like how these are! Oh yes and another thought, paper is best! You just don't get the same fun with online flash dolls, although those are cool as well if I knew how to make em =P

Hmm which style shall I choose? So many! Colours & accessories must match of course...

The books from where you cut out the dresses. It's chinese by the way, probably a knockoff of the original japanese books.


Anonymous said...

I love these, where did you find them???

Lemon Shortbread said...

Bought them from a local bookstore more than 15 years ago!