Monday, November 22, 2010


'Toadstool Marion'

Acrylic on canvas painting, she came about from an ACEO art card series called 'Toadstool Central'. Two of the ACEOs are still available in my Etsy shop! The yellow background is a pale mustard yellow, I love the combination of yellow and blue in that vintage sort of tone. On my recent USA trip I found an Art Deco era teacup in a similar colour combination and had to get it even though it would be a hassle to bring it back with me to Singapore. Will share about it on my next blog post.

The smaller mushrooms were a pain to paint, still not used to using finicky caked MALLEABLE wet bristles, not in tiny scale anyhow lol. The whole painting is only about 9.5 x 7" so the hard-to-reach parts were filled in using a toothpick. She is available in the Bear & Bird Gallery group art show too.

Toadstool Central 1

Toadstool Central 2

Toadstool Central 3


j said...

aboriginal inspiration?

always a joy to see your lovely work


Bubbles said...

I love both of these creations. I always love your twist on things