Friday, December 17, 2010


My newest ACEO card since Sept, featuring a 80s style girl. Pen and markers on cardstock.

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She's half-inspired by Jem and Creamy Mami (both 80s girly pop music cartoons), I've always wanted to do fanarts of them but never had. Love the shows as a kid. Jem is a little soap operaish, Creamy Mami is mostly cute romance. They are both magical transforming girls, one with magical earrings, one with a magical compact.

Creamy Mami


Jem was the first doll I ever wanted, although in the end had to settle for a colouring book... wondered what happened to that. I also own a Creamy Mami colouring book.


Diamond Doll said...

These are fab, i love the 80,s one it would make a fab rubber stamp!!!
Trish (-:

Teresa said...

Just beautiful as Trish says!
Teresa x