Monday, December 21, 2015


Here's wishing everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and a better 2016 ahead for everyone!

I finally coloured this older digi stamp image titled 'Winter Muff Shoujo' from last year, she is one of the more popular images - though I am not sure why. Anyhow, this shoujo is coloured with markers, coloured pencils and pastels on normal cartridge paper. The trees are coloured pencils and the pink sky is an overlay in Photoshop.

She is available here:

Everything is currently backlogged as I have an infected finger since months ago, and it seems I am allergic to my cellphone or the phone case too (recurring blisters on my fingers and palm) so can't work as fast as I should with listing items on my vintage shop. And I am helping out a friend with selling, and my aunt as well. And I had a nasty flu that put me out of work for over a week but thankfully it is almost gone now.

I will be working on an Autumn Shoujo series after some occasion-specific themes. Also *maybe* a youtube vlog; except editing videos takes a lot of time and my computer does not have space for vids nor do I have proper setups for shooting videos. So I may end up sticking to traditional blog tutorials. We will see.

And yes, I have an anonymous youtube channel since several years ago (list types), I made it for cataloging and to test out iMovie. Don't ask which username, I prefer to keep it anonymous and don't really care for it lol. Yes it is very nerdy, everyone thinks the channel owner is a he for some reason. Maybe I would have continued if the vids were not automatically taken down even though they were under 'fair use'! I am sick of disputing that with youtube so yeah let's just leave it at that.

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