Friday, March 14, 2008


I love beaded purses because of how the beads are sewn so compact and 3-dimensional! It takes alot of time to actually line the beads and sew them securely. I hate it when the beads don't have a hole or my needle can't pass thru the holes. Which reminds me I saw some lovely Miyuki beads in my local shop. Currently my glass beads are from Taiwan (who also have larger holes for sewing) & Czech glass beads (great quality) in really pretty colours!

This is a Doraemon bootleg purse, workmanship is not too good but it's cheap so I bought one from a vendor that was sharing tables with us at a bazaar. This is made in China. Besides, I love Dora-chan!

This one is given by my friend who bought it from Hong Kong and I love it! It looks so juicy!! Oh yes there's a zip on the top. I can't bear to use it!

And this is my attempt on an ACEO, I always wanted to make a semi-beaded strawberry, though this one is overweight! I am thinking of selling this on Ebay next week, but if anyone is interested now, just leave me a msg. It is double stitched that means after I've secured them the first round, I restitch all over again with a double thread so they are less likely to move around. 100% handstitched.

This is my latest ACEO 'Sakura' It is available in my etsy shop. This one came about when I thought of the singer aiko, she has an album called 'Sakura no ki no shita' which means 'Under the Cherry Blossom Tree'. 100% handstitched.

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Tizzalicious said...

I love the ACEO's, very cute!