Friday, August 1, 2008


... is this!

Sorry for the ugly cuisine shot but we were too eager to tuck in & I forgot to snap a pic! Not sure what fish this is (not the red garoupa). Live seafood again and it cost $124.20 to be exact for the steamed fish at the restaurant and the only reason why my dad and I went is because of the 50% discount on all live seafood, so we paid about $60! That and a plate of garlic vege ($8) and a bowl of white rice. Exorbitant yes. I've said before I may not like fish but this one was tender, sweet and yummy!

Singapore's National Day is coming up on 9th August so I managed to whip out my camera in time to catch the fighter jets rehearsing a few days back... or whatever's left of it!

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Bubbles said...

that is a really expensive fish, it does look quite scary from the photo :).