Friday, August 22, 2008


This is a shock, I had to blog about it! 

I feel so disappointed, was counting on Yahoo Auctions Singapore to stay up for much longer after the US one closed down but I guess nothing can last long when it's free and ad-less huh. Good bye Yahoo Auctions Singapore, you've been good, you taught me my first online transaction way back in 1998/9 when I sold an item through a friend, a used clothing probably... There was alot of buzz because it was hip and new outlet for pocket money, and I enjoyed reading the occasional mudslinging in the comments! Not to forget selling many items like cds and magazines. Back when I was still in the school computer lab because I didn't own internet or a computer... when I was supposed to be sewing my assignment and my lecturer always looked in the internet lab if he wanted to find me instead of the sewing rooms lol 

I've had tons of deals like an original Dior bag at S$150, The Sims 2 DVD for mac at S$30.00 to name a few. Though kind of expected it because the site has had this technical difficulties notice for the past few months.

Let's hope the Taiwan and Japan one stays up. Usually there are better & more listings on Yahoo Auctions Singapore than Ebay Singapore (where it never caught on with sellers unlike the US where it's the complete reverse), maybe it'll change now? With the numerous restrictions and rules, and fees (used to be entirely free), will we see a migration of sellers to Ebay Singapore? Maybe then we have less of those dead bidders and 'fast deal call me at XXXXXX' auctions and pirated wares lol.

Oh well, adieu then!

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Bubbles said...

Thats a shame but you never know they may offer something better. They did that with yahoo photos and opened flickr. Yahoo groups used to be something different and I think there great groups.