Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've managed to strike off another 3 points off my to-do list. Maybe you guys should draw up a list too and get your projects completed! This is a preview of my new pins design; am launching 3 new sets in addition to my current fruit set & desserts set. They are: Animal Kids (above is an example), Candy and Killer Pets (old art). Stay tuned while I send them off for pressing.

- Finish my paper dolls book
- Finish my zines
- Finish my fashion illustration spread
- Set up categories for my jewellery shop
- Make more jewellery with the tons of supplies I have
- Finish my set of greeting cards & stationery
- Update
- Get working on bookmarked accounts for exposure
- Learn painting
- Finish my paintings
- Tidy my table
- Buy more storage boxes
- Finish my new set of stickers and pins
- Stop getting distracted on the internet (TRYING!)

And Singapore's National Day Parade on 9 August was superb! Except it was raining almost the whole day lol. Oh well tropical weather but wasn't as bad as the other years where there were downpours and people got soaked. From my apartment I could catch the fighter jets doing their air stunts. I get excited everytime I catch a glimpse (albeit miniscule) of anything that is simultcast on tv and seeing it in real life, but too bad me don't live high enough to catch the fireworks =(

Watching the parade is a yearly tradition, I've been watching it on tv every year since a wee toddler, always an extravaganza and mushy patriotic songs; except for the 3 parades in person (1994 was one). Twice I was a participant, and once my brother had 2 free tickets for being in the army packing the goodie bags lol. Maybe next year I'll try to submit my name for a ticket (it is very limited and drawn by ballots). Anyhow see the lousy shots I managed to take of the 5 jets:



Bubbles said...

I love the image of the pin and I hope it sells really well when you get it.

I think I should do up a list as I keep meaning to do so many things for my etsy shop that like you I keep getting distracted my the internet. Mine is making handmade supplies for my shop and Christmas cards!

Thats pretty cool that they made that heart with jets :)

Anonymous said...

wow! that's really cool, thnx for posting!

also-- know of any sushi shops that might like to sell my sushi invitations?? :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

thank you!

groovycrafts- yes it such a challenge to get our ideas finalised! you should get your list done and blog about it