Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The story goes like this:
I placed a pair of earrings to be reworked later in a lacquer bowl. The next night Stephen King's 'Rose Red' was on tv, just as the show was getting exciting I wanted to work on the earrings to make use of time on the sofa and went to grab them from my room. So I looked into the bowl and they were gone! There were other beads and a few junk jewellery too, and I was sure I placed the earrings into it so it wouldn't get lost... but it apparently walked off on its own.

These things always seem to happen so I dumped the contents out and extra-carefully searched them one by one several times including behind this small jewellery box just in case it got stuck in between (I know it sounds so stupid lol). Earrings were either invisible or I was blind lol I couldn't find it at all in that small bowl... and not to mention I've already missed a whole chunk of the show so gave up in frustration and just had this gut feeling that I'd find it in the same spot as if it didn't go anywhere the next day. Guess what? I was right!! The next afternoon it magically reappeared in the lacquer bowl!! Nobody touched it for sure so... it's the gremlins! Why they need a pair of pink earrings for anyway?! To make me miss an exciting part of Rose Red?? 

The top artwork is another preview of my new pins set! ;) 


Anonymous said...

oh no.. i think its gremlins too.. alot of creatures like bigfoot and the chupacabra showed up lately.. so mebe you got real gremlins lol

Bubbles said...

That is so spooky. At least they turned up or else you'll have continued to wonder what happened to it.

I'm sure gremlins would love great in sparkle pink earrings on their wild night out though :P

Joey's Dream Garden said...

I don't think its gremlins because I don't believe in them. I think it would have to be a ghost who was sad and needed to be cheered up so just borrowed your earrings for a bit, and them returned them. Remember, ghosts have all the same emotions and hopes that we do... ;-) and wouldn't YOU be sad if you were a ghost?!
J x

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.