Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yellow Rose at Getty Museum, LA

I was tagged by Her Anatomy! Check out her blog at http://heranatomy.blogspot.com/
These tagging lists are getting longer by the year, I remember you only had to list 6 facts last year!

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1) I am bad at video games that require me to press buttons at the right time or combi-moves, which is why I stick to games like Sims or turn-based RPG games or single button kills like Tenchu (cool ninja game). I love the oldschool 8-bit & 16-bit games but never managed to beat mario!!

2) I love vintage anything and have a horrible inclination of hording my stock of vintage jewellery; when I should be focusing on SELLING them and earning my costs back...

3) I'm very quiet because my brain is masterminding my next big project.

4) Love horror movies & games. My favourite movie is "The Shining" (directed by Stanley Kubrick). I also like "Dark Water" (Hono gurai mizu no soko kara) directed by Hideo Nakata, "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock... the aliens in "They Live" by John Carpenter, Freddy Krueger  in "Nightmare on Elm Street" & Pennywise the clown in "IT" are cool. My favourite game is 'Phantasmagoria' which I played with my best friend when we were eleven; and the 'Fatal Frame' series are so freakishly addictive. I don't like slasher flicks though!

5) I am a self-taught artist, so I want to learn other techniques from proper art lessons.

6) I find it hard to find music that I like.

7) I never regret the gadgets I purchase and they last me till they go broke. Still using my first cellphone though it's cracked and chipped, still using my first digital camera, still using my first mp3 player (ipod mini), my first computer (imac), first printer... still working fine! I even still keep my first and only discman player. To do this you must think "Will I still like this colour 5 years from now?", "Will this design look dated in 5 years time?" & "Is this a trustworthy brand?"... lol

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Agent M. said...

Hi! I love your blog, too! I'm now "a follower" (I think it's funny how cult-ish that sounds), & I've added you to my Blogs I Love list- it shows the ten most recently updated with a little thumbnail... pretty! =^.^=

Bubbles said...

I couldn't remember if I commented as I read this earlier so its a good job I came to check because I hadn't done... I think its old age :P.

I'm the same with computer games as I prefer simple ones that don't need too much movement or else I'm lost. As for buying stuff and it staying in one piece I wish, my stuff ends up going bonkers as soon as my warranty runs out so I can't even send it to be fixed.

HerAnatomy said...

Thanks! I am the opposite with video games..i like the ones that are complicated and complete chaos haha. im a hardcore computer gamer though, im too impatient for the turn based games!! hahaha =D

GalleryJuana said...

Just wanted to let you know that I added this blog to my blog links:)

I enjoyed reading your fun facts about yourself.

RA said...

haha yur cutez. i horribly failed number 7, help me lol.
stewpid lcd screens.. anyhow all the movies on number 4 rule, come over we watchem. and i'll help ya sell your vintage stuff

Rosebud Collection said...

Great tag..I enjoyed reading about you..