Thursday, August 21, 2008


Time to time I'll come across a designer with awesome skills while surfing around. 
Yehrin Tong Illustration:

Wonderful typography making use of lines, curls and optical designs, his repeat patterns also remind me of one of my favourite artists, M.C. Escher's, work.

Talking about optical illusions, I simply love them! I can't find an image of my favourite counter-rotating spirals so here's another famous spinnng spirals illusion:


Bubbles said...

I like them too but they always make my eyes go funny.

I love your new banner by the way

Tiffany said...

That last optical illusion is just crazy! I thought that it was really moving. Then I realized that they only move when you AREN'T looking directly at them.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

that last optical illusion is a real mind-swap! I'd love to know how it work, i.e. how your brain makes you think the circles aren't moving. Although I've found that if you stare past one circle, the others will stop moving sometimes... maybe its something to do with your eyes constantly moving about, if you can stop them by staring/gazing maybe that is what stops the circles moving? Who knows?? Cheers for sharing, fascinating stuff! J x