Thursday, November 10, 2011


Got to stop buying.... vintage kitchenware! =)

Bought these from my last trip to vintage malls in Ontario & Redlands. Going there again in Dec, who knows what else I am going to waste my money on lol. I'm not even going to use them I just love to OWN them for eye candy.

Holly Hobbie set porcelain mugs! I've sold the same images on handmade rings and necklaces using 1970s Holly Hobbie cabochons.

Very well made and great condition. Hand-painted with gold trim (love mugs with gold trims!) and signed on the bottoms.

The backs. Did I mention it was such a Deal (yes deal with a capital 'D')! Many thanks to the vendor.

Art deco 1920-1930s plates, opalscent. I just loveee how simple and cute it looks... the shape, colours, everything! Four in a set.

See what I mean by opalscent! Semi-transparent. Great condition, you know these weighed heavy and I had no choice but to put them in my check-in luggage and was so relieved that they survived the trip! Customs people tend to be very rough in handling our luggages.

1960s Raffiaware thermomugs. Perfect colours especially that shade of pink + what I call shit brown hehe. The insides have black scratches but who cares =)

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