Sunday, November 6, 2011


So it's the last day of our trip and we did some last minute shopping at Ximending again.

One of the many back alleys of the older part of the area. They mainly consist of small restaurants.

This building has many collectible toy shops on the top floor, sports gear on the lower floors.

Yoshitomo Nara books on display. I have Slash with a Knife but a different cover. This little art & Japanese magazines bookshop is sooo crowded.

A giant Bowser for my bf. Searched in Singapore for 2 years but no one here sells it.

Finally got a snapshot of our hotel room... it's a little small but comfy.

Jacuzzi with rainbow lights in the bathroom since I didn't get to visit any hot springs. 

Bought a large market bag (cute zipped kinds street vendors liked to use) for 80NTD (US$2.70) at Ximending as a check-in luggage for my mom's shopping goodies. Worked very well. I'm not much of a shopper though. We later got a cab to the airport, a set price of 1,200NTD (US$40.00) from the hotel to Taoyuan International Airport.

Such a long queue to check-in our flight, that 2nd line is not a 2nd line but part of the queue! Because of that Qantas grounded air fleet incident, our flight was delayed for 3 hours. I was stuck in the airport for 6 hours... midnight, nothing was open and no food just vending machines since they were undergoing renovations =(

We were there first but somehow ended middle of the line. The plane was fully booked and they had to check-in our hand-carry luggage for lack of space in the cabin overhead compartments. Only had to pay for that one check-in market bag though. Not sure if I'd ever want to take Jetstar Asia again =/

Here's my shopping stash anyhow:
A fan of Taiwanese beauty products! This one is from My Simply brand, no preservatives, no alcohol, and inexpensive (I think I paid 169NTD each, about US$5.70). Smells divine. Tea Tree for acne prone skin and Job's Tears for brightening, for use as a toner.

This was a buy two for the price of one. I like the LOVEMORE brand but haven't seen this in Singapore so bought it to replace my moisturizer.

Says there buy one get one free at 199NTD (about US$6.65) but purchased it at 180NTD for both. 7 sheets per box.

Lookie - Old Master Q candy by Morinaga Taiwan! Sour plum candy. Cute & retro I used to read Old Master Q comics when little. Just googled it, the comic artist is still alive - 87 years old! 

The Starfruit flavour one is also pretty tasty.

Only bought 2 cardigans during the trip.

The ribbons and shell buttons!

Nostalgic cards, don't think they are postcards since the backs are printed with words too. Old Taiwan Railway poster and the other one is Doraemon glue-bubble toys packaging from the 80s. 30NTD each (US$1.00).

Bought these postcards from the National Palace Museum. Emperor Kang Xi and the Empress Dowager. 20NTD each (about US$0.70).

 Welp that's it for my Taiwan trip =)

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