Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For our 2nd day in Taiwan, we decided to give Yehliu another try. This time we set off early in the morning, from Taipei Terminal Station East we took the Kuo Kuang bus (國光客運). First of all we got lost for an hour and a half, as our hotel shuttle brought us to the Taipei Railway Station, and we got lost at the wrong MRT entrance, also people had diverted us to the wrong building (Taipei Bus Station is not it!). We had to purchase our tickets from a Taipei Terminal East building (also called Kuo Kuang Motor Transport Taipei East Station). The east and west stations are in separate buildings making us even more confused because we ended up in the West building...

Return tickets cost 89NTD per way (about US$3.00), remember to say you need a two-way trip if you are returning back, because the ticketing lady assumed we were heading one-way to Keelung (Yehliu was on route). 

We took bus 1815. The trip took about 1 hour plus. Asked the driver to let us know when to get off. It took a quicker and shorter route than the previous day when we sat a public bus from Tamshui, and yes more comfortable!

Fishing boats. The park is situated about 10-15 mins walk through a seafood village of sorts.

A temple on the side of the street leading to the park. 

Tickets are 50NTD per person (about US$1.67). We were there early to beat the tour groups (or at least there weren't so many in the mornings). By mid-afternoon, the number of tour groups from China may get suffocating and you wouldn't be able to enjoy the sights from the din of them shouting to each other and overcrowding.

It was very cloudy & had a slight gloom when we reached. The weather forecast had said it might rain but fortunately didn't. The strong winds were freezing! Isn't it beautiful!

Interesting rock formations. They look like sliced tofu... or dung.

Many circular pot holes caused by erosion, a signature formation at Yehliu.

 This is located further down the beach and was away from the tour groups. I picked up some beach glass!

A little cave.

Honeycombed rocks.

Yehliu is all impressive rock formations. A must-go! We decided to head back at around 2pm since it was starting to drizzle a little, but not before taking a photo with the 'Queen's Head' rock formation. You have to queue to get your picture taken and it was a long one. Some rude people from the tour groups jumped my turn and even shoved my mom aside! So, beware. I was seriously prepared to get into a fight lol.

This is how most of the bus-stops looks like. Yeah it gets problematic whenever it rains... which is all the time.

Back at Taipei we decided to catch dinner.

A giant hotpot of kimchi tianbula. I've never eaten so much kimchi in my life. This meal only costs 134NTD (about US$4.50) with free flow of red tea. It was delicious.


Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know if we can go to yeliu geopark during this november ? on the website itself shows that i can be visited only between may and september.
hope to hear from you soon. :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

Yes! The park is open all year round. The site shows the opening hours, they close an hour later at 6pm from May-Sept, and the other months (incldg Nov) are closed at 5pm.